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I won’t deny the fact that I am waiting for your messages daily.
The moment you say good morning or good evening.
I love to read how you compliment me.
I appreciate that you are there and you care.
You have some of the qualities I’m looking for,
You’re a man of God who trusts Him more than anyone,
You challenge me to dig deeper into His words and pray harder,
You are kind and thoughtful.
With all honesty, i want to give it a try
But I’m so sorry I can’t feel the spark.
I’m looking for the chemistry and compatibility,
I was waiting if you could make me laugh,
I want you to bring me in to your world,
Let me experience who you are.
Also, I’m afraid that I only like the feeling that you like me and not you as a man.
I’m afraid that maybe I’m just infatuated with the thought of us, with all of my expectations and high standards.
I’m afraid that I’m just feeding my ego with your feelings and compliments.
The feeling that you’re serious with me and you have those future plans gives me a different kind of confidence with my self.
I actually don’t want to lose it and I’m also afraid you might not talk to me.
But I don’t want to be unfair with you, so I’m saying no for now.
Maybe when you come back and we would see each other again, and you still have those feelings, we could have some coffee and talk, just the both of us. But I will also understand if you want to give up after this.

Maybe one day I’ll regret for saying no
But I know if God wants us to be together He will make ways.
This is so hard to say, i don’t know if I’m doing right.
But remember you are an awesome human being and I love you for being a good friend and a brother.

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