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I have been waiting, days are getting longer

The smell of air has changed, the winds are dry

But here we are – heart is still trying to bear

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

With all the hopes, that has no choice but cry


It’s getting hard to breath – it’s cold

I look at my palms and it shivered

I raised my fists and acted bold

My heart is in pain – but I still dared


I wanted the world to be all about us

I imagined too much and it started to hurt

I was drowned with all the ideas of us

But I realized, I’m nothing to deserve your worth


You’re too precious for me to dream

Too majestic for me to stand with

You’re a royal that I should not aim

Friendship is what I think I should bid


I have made up my mind

This will be my final one

It’s time to leave this bind

And empty myself to none

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