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I already settled into thinking I am unloveable. No one will like me. I am the worst and I’ll be alone forever.

Then you came. Told me your love was never gone. You liked me since we were kids until now. We had our past, we had our lives, and you want your future to include me.

You said words of your adoration. Encouraged me to be better. Promised me things that were only in my hopes. Told me to wait for you. Told me your love.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I am nearly believing that there’s future for us, that I can be happy. That I am loveable. And yet, a simple request made you walk away so fast I can’t even remember you here.

You disturbed my peace. You made me believe for our tomorrow. You said our time before was not meant, but it will be now. And yet you ran too soon.

I was hesitant. As I’ve said, I am used to being alone. But then you sparked this tiny hope, and I am now lost. I planned my future with you. I planned our trips. I planned our life. Our life together when you come home to me. I become intrested in your craft. I want to understand you. I want to show you that I listen, that I care.

I am always honest. I seldom lie. But then, maybe you took advantage of it. Maybe I was too hopeful for you, that made you want to avoid me.

And then now you left. Without a word. Without anything. You took all my hopes with you. You took away my peace.

And I am here. Again. Alone.

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