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You are not an accident.
You are one hundred percent prepared by the Lord before you exist in this world. You are made in His own image and likeness. Think about that!

You are not a random idea.
You are planned by God. He made a perfect blueprint of you where every angle is completely computed. Even if you think there are “flaws” in you, think that it is one way of the Designer to make you unique from others. Your “imperfection” is perfect for Him.

You are destined for greatness.
In life, there are heartbreaks, pain, disappointments and regrets because of inevitable circumstances, but don’t stay on that sad phase. Remember that you are not totally destined for that. Stand up from brokenness for there is a promise of a beautiful future ahead of you. Read Jeremiah 29:11.

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You are infinitely loved.
You don’t need a man’s love to say that you are enough. Jesus loves you and I hope you will truly understand that. For if you do, you will learn that it is more than enough in this life.

You are valuable.
You are precious in His eyes. No matter how dirty and messy your past is, your value will never be removed from Him. God bought you with a high price. No amount of money can buy you for only the blood of the Maker of the universe can purchase you.

You are worth pursuing.
You are priceless. There is a man destined for you. Never let any man easily access your heart. Don’t give your ticket of “yes” to someone who just says, “You are beautiful and I love you.” Let any man exert his effort. There is a man praying for you. Wait for Him and wait for him. Never settle for less.

You are beautiful.
Sometimes, you don’t need to use filters just to make your face beautiful for others. There is someone who looks at you and only sees beauty, who appreciates your face as the beautiful first sunrise and the last ray of light of the sunset. There is a man who loves you even if you have no makeup and stuff for your very bare skin, simplicity, and character are enough.

You are worth treasuring.
Never let any man cause any heartbreak on your part. You are worth treasuring, not toying. There is a man who will not play your emotions. A man who knows that love is not made to be wasted but to be appreciated. A man who knows the value and power of the words “I love you”, and will not take it for granted by saying it to any girl he meets.

Lastly, I pray that you will know your worth and I hope you will understand how loved you are by God, for only Him can satisfy the longings of your heart. If you are thirsty for a relationship, He will give you His overflowing love so that you will be filled with His presence, making you realize that you don’t need any love from a man that might somehow give you pain and break you into pieces. Hide your heart in God’s presence so that a man needs to know Him first before he finds you.

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