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My heart doesn’t weigh.

Not longing for something,

No regrets in everything.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Didn’t know if what I did is right,

Or if this feeling is right.


Me, being moral and rational connect like a joint.

Yet, I still asks for a point.

Did I do something wrong?

Why does it seems to be my fault? – To speak out when I’m abused, to ask when I’m confused.

This feeling is weird.

I’m sure I did the right thing but,

Why I’m not feeling good in everything?


I want to shout, I want to scream.

I want to run, I want to flee.

I want an escape, Please, set me free!

I want to have some fun.

Please, let me breathe and witness the sun.






Possible became impossible.

There is no empty space, I have nowhere to go.

Don’t know what to do, don’t know what to say.

Can’t decide if I should leave or I should stay.


I’m not empty, I’m not full.

I don’t know what’s consuming me,




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