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Before, I don’t really know the value of having someone. A hand to hold. A shoulder to lean on. Arms you would burst into tears with, then embrace you right after. And lips that would say kind words in cruel situations. ‘Cause I’m too self-reliant to the point that I think I can do anything without anyone. I’m used to doing almost everything alone. I can watch a movie in the cinema, alone. I can comfortably eat-out, alone. I can go anywhere I want, alone. So, I thought “I literally don’t need someone, I can take care of myself”.  I view myself as Ms. “know-it-all” and “do-it-all” kind of person and I used to believe that I know myself enough and everything I want in this life. But! God knows me better. He knows what’s in my heart. He knows that I’m just a human who needs to love and be loved, that I only longed for love and a relationship that would bring me to the altar then build a family after and grow old together while smiling at each other with no teeth. Maybe, that’s the reason why God never let me settle in any relationship because what I want is something that requires faith and patience. He let me shape myself first into a strong woman. Nonetheless, I know now that He’s only preparing me for that because He knows it’s my heart’s greatest desire. A love that lasts a lifetime. And I think, I’ll be ready soon. Hang in there!

Before, I don’t really know the value of having someone. But, I know now that God is only preparing me for a love that lasts a lifetime.

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