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They say it is easier to open up to a Stranger. No judgement. No pretenses.
Just being the vulnerable you.

Never did I expect that a day would come
When I crossed paths with this stranger,
A stranger with a wandering soul
A stranger with a broken heart
A stranger with a shattered mind.

The moment you were drowning
The moment you were struggling to breathe
The moment when everything started to get darker and darker
The Creator led me to you, to pull you up to the surface,
So you may witness the light of day once more.

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At that moment, Grace was given.
A chance sparked into life,
A chance to redeem yourself
A chance to find reason for your being
And to restore what was lost deep inside you.

You found a friend in me.
I became your comfort zone.
I became a vessel for your heavy burdens.
But that is fine with me. As long as the weight lessens upon your chest, I am happy.

I listened to you. I felt your pain.
It was in the moment of tragedy when one can express his strongest heartfelt feelings,
Like the one I felt from you. That led me to feel something towards you.

A feeling that is so unfamiliar, something new
A feeling that I’ve never felt before
It was at that time, I became a fallen stranger.
I can’t believe myself. I fell for a stranger.

Curiosity kicked in, “Who are you, really?”
No more hiding, I thought.
So I gave you my real name,
I told you who I really am.

But now I wish I could turn back the time,
when we were just strangers to each other.
An unexpected plot twist happened.
From that moment on, you’re not someone I used to talk to.
I missed you being a stranger.

You changed but not the way I hope it would be.
You’re still a prisoner of your past.
You’re still chained by your dark memories.
You still live in fear of losing yourself once again.
I guess we’re both fallen strangers, in a different way.

You are still wounded. You are still hurt.
Parts of you still lay in fragments.
I hope you can see that there is beauty in “surrender”
Give to God all the broken pieces, see how He can transform you into a masterpiece.

To be honest, I love your name.
It means “The Lord is my Salvation.”
You are meant to be saved.
Choose to be saved. Choose to break free,
And your life will never be the same again.

Yes, it takes time to heal. It takes time to grow.
And I’ll be here watching you from a distance.
You may wander for a while, get lost on track
But you’ll find home again, at the right time.

Forgive me if I’m hoping that my feelings for you will fade.
I don’t want to lose myself to the thought that there can be an “us.”
If we are meant to be together, it will happen.
For now, I am just a fallen stranger passing by.

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