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Finally, I am home.

I had this prayer about the kind of relationship that I want to have. I want to have a relationship which I can call home.

Love, my journey towards you wasn’t easy but it was all worth it.

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In my journey, I experienced being ghosted. I experienced being an almost many times. I was taken for granted. Many times I thought it was now the one but still ended up being broken and being alone.

Words of love from mine all turned into sorrow and pain. Efforts of love from mine all turned into brokenness. I was lost. I was alone. I was broken. I always saw myself in front of the mirror crying. I always kept myself inside the comfort room, crying over and over again. All of my pillows were wet because of tears and I can’t count all my sleepless nights.

I was asking, “where did I go wrong?” “Am I not worth it?”, “why did they not fight for me?”, “why I always ended up being alone, broken and lonely?”

My last relationship was the complete disaster. We were very happy and we talked all about our dreams in the next 5 years. I was really happy. But then a plot twist happened. I was a third party. I was a mistress.

So there I was again, broken, crying and depressed.


Before I found my home, I first found myself in God’s heart. God rescued and saved me. His love overflowed me. His perfect love removed all my sorrow, my pain, my fear and my brokenness. I knew my worth because of God. How worthy, loved and possible I am because I am a child of God. Greatest love can only be achieved through God. God gave me a new heart: brave, courageous, patient and faithful.

And now, in the wilderness I found a blue heart which was yours, my home. And my journey became worth it because I ended up with you.

My home, I met you unexpectedly. We met through a prayer and through God’s grace. I was unknowingly that you’ll be my home. We met by saying “You deserve the right person that will love you.” Unexpectedly, it’s you. It’s US.

I thank God for all the NOs and HEARTBREAKS because it all leaded me to YOU, my home.

A home that will never leave me.

A home that will always be my destination no matter wherever I go.

A home that will always make me stronger during battles.

A home that will always make me the best during my dreams.

A home that will always be patient, kind and faithful.

A home that has no record of wrongs.

A home wherein I can build my future with.

A home that is forever mine.

A home that is my answered prayer.

My home, you will always be my most beautiful answered prayer. You are the best thing to me. And I thank God because I have now my “ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

I promise to always choose you and to love you over and over again. Whatever it takes.

God restored everything that was broken and made it a new. God made the journey worth it. God made everything possible, beautiful and safe.

It all happened through YOU.

Such a wonderful picture of God’s love.

Finally, I am home. 💙🦋

And to you, God has a home for you. You’ll get there. Trust me. 💙

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