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I still believe that one day, I will find you. I am not yet sure if we have met or if I currently know you. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll somehow know that it’s you. I used to tell myself that I’ve had enough when it comes to love. I’ve earned a lot of scars. A lot of bruises. A lot of heartaches that made me numb at times. Because honestly, I have been struggling to feel. To feel that something is real. To feel that love is not just an idea that I have dreamed of, but is a genuine experience that I would have for life. I won’t ever settle, because I know my worth. So right now, my heart is still. I’ll stay calm. I’ll keep on doing what I love doing. I’ll choose to love my life than settle for a temporary love life. I’ll do my passion and keep myself busy. Because I am hopeful that when the right time comes, you will pursue me with all your heart.

Maybe our paths have crossed. Maybe you’re an old friend. Maybe we just recently met each other. I really don’t know who you are. I don’t have any idea. But someday, I’ll feel that heartbeat when I see you again. One day, all the pain and doubts would suddenly fade away because you came. I cannot imagine that scenario yet. I cannot predict anything. But as I desire to know you and pray for you, I believe that everything will flow smoothly. I am sure that the love that you would offer is a love that is built to last. Not just the love that was based on emotions, but a love that is founded by sincerity and pure intentions. You are the man who would always assure me that I am enough. You are the man who would push me to fulfill my dreams. You are the man who would reach those dreams with me. You are the man who would constantly seek the Lord with me. You are the man who would serve boldly and passionately with me.

So I won’t let my heart be troubled. I will always be hopeful that soon enough, you would come to my life unexpectedly. It won’t be according to what I have planned, but our story will be beautifully-written by God. He is one who showed perfect love. He is the one who continues to have my heart. And He is the one who would never let anyone break it again. That is why before I open up my heart to you, I will make sure that my love for Him will always be greater. And as you pursue me, I will continue to pursue Him. I am very excited to know you. I am excited to share my life with you. So I hope you find me soon. Because I will be right here, waiting for your pure love and affection. I will be praying for you. And as I pray, I know that waiting will never be tiring because everything will be worth it.

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