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It’s been awhile since the last time I saw you,
But I can still see you in my memories..
I can still hear your voice inside my head.. Those painful words.. When you said you can’t love me anymore.
How I wish I can turn back the time,
And make things right between us.
Im sorry that we ended up this way,
Sorry for being a coward to hide the truth to you, if only I am confident enough about my past, but I’m not.
Nobody has ever loved me the way you did, I felt so special in your eyes and I don’t want to ever lose you..
But I lost you..
You gave up..
And it was all my fault.
I thought losing you was the painful part but I guess I’m wrong it was HURTING you.
All this time I am afraid of pain, I don’t want to ever feel it,
But I thank PAIN,
for it made me realized how much I truly LOVE you.