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Waiting isn’t really everybody’s forte. You might get to know someone who likes you so much yet that person could not afford to take his time and wait around especially when you are still unsure of your own capability to love or love again.

But when the universe gives you that chance to meet one human being who would consider waiting as a challenge, better keep her/him.

Keep that person who wants to be with you as you fix your loose strings and jagged edges; that person who could still see the beauty within your old broken soul.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Be with the person who would love to see you flourish as you discover how much better life is after being freed.

Be with the person who would enjoy the little things with you – Sunday lazy afternoons, Netflix nights with burnt popcorns or just a stroll at a nearby convenient store to have a cup of cheap coffee and hotdogs..

Be with the person who would enjoy your little tantrums and won’t give up on you just because.

Be with the person who doesn’t make you take the plunge into a relationship knowing you’ll drown.

Be with the person who would make you feel you are worth the wait.

Not everyone who claims to love you can wait for you.

So if you have someone who is genuinely willing to wait and enjoy the journey with you, consider yourself blessed by the universe.

Be with that person.

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