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Flowers? I won’t give you flowers ‘coz you are the flower…

Like a sunflower that brightens up my day.
Like the rose petals as soft as your skin, I say.
Like the colorful tulips, so showy like your kindness.
Like a jasmine, very fragrant and full of sweetness.

Like the daisy, sweetheart of everyone you meet.
Like the purple orchids, you are my most favorite.
Like a lily, fleur-de-lis of purity and fragility.
Like a stargazer, watching over in tranquility.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But of all the flowers, you are the most unique.
Nothing can ever surpass your beauty and physique.
Your values are very clear and very outright.
Not to mention your nature is as beautiful as the sunlight.

I hope, like every flower that blooms each day,
your splendor will always be the same.
Because happiness radiates from you.
It’s so contagious, that it affects me, too.
And yes! You are already the flower.
I hope one day, I’ll receive one or even two.

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