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To the Girl Who Replaced Me,


Hi! Kamusta ka na? HAHA

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Funny, we know each other by name and stories (as told by our common friends), but we don’t know each other personally. We have been somehow updated about each other on social media without even being friends in these social networking sites.


 Honestly, I already stalked your social media acounts a hundred times. Asking myself why was it you? How are you better than me? Why did he choose you? These questions bugged me for months, up until last night. The first time I stalked your account, I cannot see the reason he is choosing you. I’m probably more accomplished than you are. I’m probably more mature than you are. And I probably know that I am much better than you. I cannot take the disappointment from that. I cannot take the rejection he put on me for choosing you. I almost despised you for that matter.


But hey, I am not writing this to blame you why he and I didn’t end up together. I am not writing this to make things worse. I am writing this because the Lord told me to apologize to you.


I am sorry for calling you names out of anger. I am sorry for blaming you about the things that you are not aware of. I am really sorry for the things that hurt me, things which I only put on myself. And I am truly very sorry for holding a grudge against you. The Lord revealed to me that you are just part of the bigger picture of my life He painted. You are part of the story that had been written by God. We both are part of the plan the Lord had made for us. Everything was supposed to happen.


I may not have seen it months ago, but now I see why. You did not replaced me, you just did what was planned a long time ago. I am not better than you and you are not better than me because we are just perfectly and wonderfully made by God to fulfill our purpose in this world and be a part of each others’ lives.


Now, I know why he chose you; Because you are beautifully made by God for him, you two are meant to be. 


Now, I see why my relationship with him ended; Because yours was about to begin, every ending is a new a beginning indeed. 


Thank you. Thank you for fulfilling your part in my life. You may have hurt me unintentionally in the past but it was the way it was planned. It was the way it should happen and I am not questioning it now because I found the answers in Him. It was revealed to me that everything happens for a reason.


I just wish you and him a good life. I am praying that you may have good health as you bring the very reason why all of this happened to us. Because you are about to fulfill something big- the gift of new life. 


May the Lord bless your relationship with him, and to the new one who I know has a life that had already been planned by God. 


I am really glad that our paths crossed. I am really glad that somehow, I have fulfilled something in your life. Again, I am sorry and thank you. 





The Girl You Replaced for a Reason

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