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Hey you yes you, this is for you. For you who prayed for the God given woman this is for you.
I know its hard to wait. But trust me it will be worth it. Every single word you utter in your prayers will be worth it. Best things take time.
I know cause I’ve been trough this.
Before you pray for that woman first you got to believe. Believe that your prayers will be granted.
Dont just pray for her looks and the way she dress but pray for her soul and her looks for life.
Pray that she will be pure as you. Pray that her looks towards life will be same or maybe will surpass that of you. Pray that when time comes that your faith is being tested she will be there igniting your fire again. Pray that one day you will be together worshipping Jesus and telling the story of how you two have met. Pray that one day you will tell the testimony on how you’ve waited and conquered for that one and only.
But dont pray for her only. Ask for courage, the courage that you will use to conquer this world full of pressures. Pray for the strength that you will use to fight the temptations that the society is giving to you. Pray for the patience that you will use to wait for that God given woman.
I know and I’m sure that as of now, this moment God is writing your own love story. It might take time yes but a good love story is not written overnight. Believe I know.
I know cause I already found that God given woman I’m alwayd praying. Yes shes not as beautiful as the other but I know and I’m sure that her faith will surpass that of mine.
I hope and I pray that one day you’ll write your and tell the others how you met this woman.

-Man of Christ. 

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