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How does it feel to be ghosted?

In today’s modern dating, there is no way for anyone not to experience being ghosted, at least once.

Ghosting does not only happen to people who exclusively date, but also to those who flirt.

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It happens everywhere to anyone. It is the new normal in the world of dating. To some, they easily get over it. Whereas, others take time before they recover from the pain ghosting brought them. The pros and cons of dating or flirting are inevitable, so you have to deal with them. Just remember that people learn the hard way.

Dating or flirting is all fun, until the one you’re dating vanishes into thin air. So easy to leave, but so hard to be left alone asking what went wrong.

No explanations. The other just leave. And that’s when you learn, you have been ghosted.

After investing time, effort, and emotion, you get nothing, but pain in return.

You get used to someone’s presence, someone’s attention, but now here you are dealing with someone’s absence.

No more messages.

No more late night calls.

No more kilig.

It hurts, right? The almost. The we could have been.

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