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How can the sky cry in a lovely way? How can the cold tears of it feels so warm? How can be the weather feels so nostalgic? It was heavy yet fulfilling.

It was raining heavily that day, the trees were uneasy, the clouds was gray. There were consecutive flashing of lights. The sky was angry as if it was shouting silence. Actually, I am used to this kind of feeling. There is nothing new..

Suddenly, a man came to me. He looks so confused, dark, and lonely. I told him to vent it out and not to be shy. He hesitated at first to trust me. So, I gave him the assurance to lean on me. He shouted all his worries and rants. As I actively listen to him, the cold wind stopped. Next, I pat his stiff shoulder to help him loosen up. In that moment, the lightning halted. He was still crying, even though I don’t know how to hug, I wrapped my arms around his waist. It was raining yet I feel sunny. He was shivering but I can still feel his warm tears dripping on my shoulder. After that, I dont hear any thunders anymore. He looked at me and he smiled. I dont know how that smile can be so powerful that even the gray sky turned into blue. Upon seeing that smile, I felt some chest aches.

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“Thank you,” he said.

Then, he walked away.

I saw how the sunlight touched his hair from the back while the warm breeze helping it to sway. It was magical. I can sense that he is already fine. He is already fine, so he left.

He left the waiting shed..


I laughed at myself. What an idiot. How can I get so attached to someone who thinks that I am just a waiting shed? He wants a home. A waiting shed is not worthy to be his home. They are all the same. They wait, they shed, and, they left. But dont worry.
This waiting shed will be a home to someone.

I will be a home to someone..

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