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Someday. Somehow. You will read this. Yes. I may not know you yet. Wherever and whoever you are I do always pray for you. For now, I will be the right one first before God will send me the right one. Seeking God’s first is the purest form and a big foundation of love that can linger of our entire life. I believe that God’s plan is way bigger than a man’s plan He knows when we are truly ready to face the bitter-sweet reality of love. Maybe, we have met each other before or not. Our alone time with God matters most for now. Let us face trials bravely, reach our goal, learn a lot of things, explore stunning places, spend more time with our loved ones, meet new people and enjoy our passion. If ever you felt discourage, anxious, stress, having a silent battle it’s okay. Just surrender it all to Him and and He will took care of it.

I, maybe, too far for a perfect lady that you’ve ever dreamed of, but God continuously molding me to be a well woman. To be deserve by a good and Godly man — a man who will protect my purity more than I do. The one who can pursue, commit, support, respect my boundaries, whom who sees my worth and value. And a man who will cherish, give me peace, and won’t ever leave me despite of my imperfections.

May the Lord Almighty fill you with His words, love and presence. Even if I didn’t meet you yet, I just want you to know that I am proud of you.
I will stay by you through highs and lows of our life and we will turn every breakdown to a breakthroughs. Your progress is still a progress no matter how big or small it was I am always here to support you. I might not be there at your side but my heart and soul will constantly praying for your vision you’ve wanted to achieve. Glorifying and loving Him first makes both of us be a whole person to give us strength on whatever circumstances we may face. God will always be at the center.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Waiting season is not a waste of time we won’t rush things, let us use our journey worthwhile to know and love ourselves better. Enjoying this moment “individually” isn’t selfish, it is the time to develop and improve ones self.

His best. His will. His way. His time.

I am hoping that you’ll always taking care of yourself physically other than that mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I may not be your first love, first hug, first kiss, first sight, first date, first dance but I know he will lead me to you to be your LAST everything.

I never allowed myself to enter in a relationship since then because I know from my heart what I truly desire, a person whom who have the same desire not to play games but to grow together until God lead us for a lifetime commitment. I trust Him wholeheartedly what might be His plan. Waiting will all be worth it. Let His will all be done. When that happens.

Everyday. Your cup of coffee will be pour with genuine love and faith, blended with loyalty and honesty, serve by respect and patience to make it firm and balance in every sip ☕🤎.
And we will Love each other until our black hair turns to gray.
Your Faithful Future Wife🌻

” When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen ”
— Isaiah 60:22 🏡

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