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July 9,2022

For now

It was nice to have you
From your morning greetings
To our good nights

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The exchanged messages we had
In between our workloads,
That we call our power source
When we felt exhausted

Those light conversations
To our crazy outer space missions
To our dreams that felt unattainable
To our heartfelt emotions

I was lad knowing you and having you
Just like what you’ve said we are both alike
That I’m somewhat the lad version of you

Time fades and we realized things won’t work
Reality slaps and reminds your responsibilities
Pressures in life won’t leave you as a 28yrs old
And you choose to prioritize things alone

I leave with a smile on my face
And hope that one day- just a day
I will see you walking on things you wanted to do
As same as I walk and achieved mine

For now, cheers to our small victories
For now, let us root for each other’s lives
And may we have a peaceful heart as we walk apart.

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