In my dream, we were happy.
In my dream, we don’t care about everybody.
In my dream, we hold each others hand lovingly.
In my dream, we were so inlove.

In my dream you hug me tightly as if you dont want to lost me.
In my dream you kiss me tenderly as if you were exploring every corner of my lips.
In my dream your blazing eyes touch my heart until it burns my body.
In my dream you make love to me, undress me, admires me like you wanted to own me.

I give you myself,
Surrender in your arms,
Loving your touch,
Kissing your mouth hungrily,
Make love as if there is no tomorrow.

But, as I opened my eyes,
All those things shattered.
If only that sweet dream come true.
If only you are mine.
I will not be insane of keep on dreamin’ of you.