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I still can recall the nights that I’ve prayed for my ‘soon-to-be’ man and specified for it. Many of us, girls, are looking for someone who’ll share our ups and downs in our life. And when I remember how I prayed to God about my man when I was 9 years old, it usually makes me smile. Why? I always tell to God that “Lord, gusto ko po gwapo, mayaman, mabait, at matulungin po magiging jowa o asawa ko po sa future!” see? Why would a 9-year-old kid wishes for a specific type of man? Haha! But when I grew up, I realized that physical aspects of man are not always a proper basis to look for the right man.

When choosing your man, choose the one that glorifies God before you. And with that specific aspect in his life, everything will follow. His looks are just a bonus! Girls, set your standards. Don’t make it intergalactic that no man can surpass, but have a standard that a strong and faithful man will meet and satisfy it on the right time. Butterflies in your stomach won’t take too long nor will give you something to digest(food), instead, fill yourself first with God then everything will be at their perfect places.

Woman of God, I know that it isn’t right for a man to be alone, that’s why you are here, to be with him. But when raising your standards, you should be a woman that is pursue-able. Be a Godly woman first before looking for a Godly man. Looking for a Godly man is just like the sea, you will never know what’s inside that deep water down there if you don’t swim. To be specific, how can you find a Godly man if you are not a Godly woman? How can you find a deep man if you’re just hanging around at the surface of your faith? You know that not only woman has the standards to be followed, there are boys out there who have it too.

But this time, as you go through deep waters with God, love Him and yourself too. Do everything to improve yourself. It’s okay to be alone for now, but take heart, you’ll be claiming your ‘soon-to-be’ love life soon. Know your self-worth first so you will be treated the way you want and deserve. Make this quotation a motivation to your love life “Mas mabuti ng wala, kesa meron pero mali.”. It’s okay to be late, don’t rush things up. Be a Proverbs 31 woman first before looking for a God-given man.

The calmness feeling when i’m with you, let this remain, purity in our hearts should be preserved, seasons or tough times may be ventured across, but there is one value that we are sure of, to wait and to keep our soul waiting.