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I have never felt so much love this way before. I do know that love is the most powerful entity in this oblate spheroid planet, through myths and stories that I have learned from my favorite literature subject, and even in the non-fictional world of factuality where we both exist, but I didn’t know that it can be this profusely and lavishly extravagant to this extent.

You had been completing me since the very first day we met, you had been loving me, excessively, you had been showing me, how I deserve to be loved though I always doubt it most of the times, you have been roaming and wandering inside my head and all trough out the expressways and routes down to my core, my heart.  

I have loved you, I have been loving you, I am loving you, and will still love you even when our hearts don’t feel the same way. 

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If ever your heart will gone astray, or might have been wondering and wandering across the land  of other’s surfaces and worlds, I guess I will still love you, even though my heart gets broken up to its finest pieces for whichever purpose it is, I still will. 

Thank you for making me feel this way, thank you for making it beat faster than how it used to. 

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