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A girl who was broken may not open her heart easily. She is so afraid to feel pain. She is afraid to be betrayed. She will be doubtful most of the time. She will not let herself fall for you unless you are sure of her. She will always want to feel appreciated and loved, because she knew how it was to be rejected and abandoned. You may think she is difficult, but her heart will always be soft and fragile. She will always try to show a strong image. But deep inside of her, she could be screaming and crying. She has been through sleepless nights, thinking about what was wrong with her and facing all of her regrets alone. She was used to taking all of the hard times that life has to offer, yet she managed to stay strong and fight every single day.


A girl who was broken will be afraid to take chances. She locked the door of her heart, and will always try to open it when someone brave enough would try to destroy all of her walls. She may not be able to love freely, because she suffered enough in the past. Only a strong guy who would be man enough to accept all her flaws and not afraid to speak up will win her heart. She believes that she should be pursued and worked hard for, because she once easily gave in to petty efforts of the guys who showed affection to her before. That is why now, she is more careful.

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She is regarded as strong and selfless. She shows love without limits. She is someone who knows the errors of love and learned from them with wisdom and grace. She knows her worth now. So you are blessed if she decides to open up her heart. She is someone that will stick with you no matter what, because she knows how it feels like to be left behind. She will make sure that you are the only one, because she has always been loyal. She may be broken, but she is someone that would make you feel whole.

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