I am just an ordinary man, clinging to my comforter, yes, you.

We’ve shared struggles, we’ve shared solutions, you saw how broken I am, and I saw how tormented you are. You’re there to calm my senses when I’m being anxious, you’re there to help me win over my spiritual battles but, I can sense the emptiness within you, the great passion of helping even if it costs you your own happiness.

I like you. Your personal connection to God, is undeniably incomparable. you watched me grow, as I help you sustain your life. You were dying, you were losing hope but I know within you, you still want to help.

I know you’re currently living in the world, but I know, you’re longing for God, like you’ve told me! “I’ll be there to support you” and I’m telling you, it’s now my turn to help you, be renewed.

Maybe it’s you, who made my heart skip a beat, or maybe not. But I know, I’ll continue to serve God with you, putting faith unto you, because I know, there is proof, you are chosen to serve.