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Woman, you are precious. You’re made by God to be pursued and not to pursue a man. Don’t take away a man’s God-given role. Let him do his job, let him show his leadership. How can he lead you if in the first place, he can’t man up to tell you his intentions and pursue you?

Woman, don’t let your feelings control you. It will only lead you to making wrong decisions. Above all else, let God guard your heart.

Woman, pursue Him, not him. Seek God first and you’ll never have to seek for a man. Obey Him and He will surely give you the right man, not a perfect man but the man you exactly need. A man who will help you grow and lead you closer to Him.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Woman, pray and wait. Be patient, you don’t have to force something that was already meant for you. Don’t rush things because the right man also prays and wait on God, he will not make decisions ahead of Him until the right time comes, he will pursue you and the both of you will be pursuing Him together.

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