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Our paths will cross again, when the universe allows. Maybe then, timing is already ours to keep.

We met at the most unexpected way, at a familiar place, and at the wrong time.

You came to me as a stranger and who would have thought that you now hold a piece of my being.

You were far from being familiar, but now I am searching for that face, that smell, that look. You became so familiar that I could not forget how exactly you looked that day I first met you.

Your voice was nothing but annoyance, but now your sound’s stuck in my head. Oh! How I love to hear that voice again that once whispered to my ear.

Your body that never meant anything, gave me warmth that heated my cold heart. You made me feel so much that until now I still shiver.

I can still feel how your fingers touched my skin, slowly leaving traces.

I can still feel the kisses your lips have made.

I can still feel your embrace that made feel safe.

I miss you. I long to feel you again.

I pray to the universe that may it bring us together, so we can give it another try.

Maybe this time, it is ours to keep. Maybe this time, we can make it right.