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I can’t force someone to love me the way I love them.
This is me, caring for you but saying goodbye.
I say goodbye because you will never love me the way I loved you. You’re not gonna see me the way I see you. You can never feel the pure and genuine way I felt for you,.
I left because I got tired of your inconsistency and your mixed signals.
One day you were sweet and caring, then the next day, you treated me like a stranger.
The next morning you craved for me, then in the afternoon, you didn’t care at all.
Tonight you wanted to see me, then the next morning, you hated my smell.
And now,
I choose to leave without saying goodbye because, with or without me, doesn’t bother you at all.
Sadly, I choose to leave to move on.
Unconditionally, I left because my presence didn’t give you any comfort.
The pain is within me, without you knowing even the slightest idea.
Carrying my exhausted and distorted heart, I choose to move forward.
This is me drowning from insanity, hiding too many stories of pain.
This is the unlovable stupid me falling for you. And today, I embraced my pain. The scars remain the lessons and all its wounds.
I can’t stop thinking about you,
This is me finding my purpose and destination.
This is me seeing my reflections and how I’ve been passing awful things with positivity. Keeping myself stride going to my brighter days.
Convincing myself that my failures are actually the testimony of faith, hope and resilience. I need to remember that God is at work and continually bringing the right people around me and pulling the wrong ones away from me.
And finally, this is me realizing that all wounds and scars are symbols of my strength, and what’s meant to be will eventually be; I just don’t need to force anything.

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