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I’ve seen it
Way too soon
That he’s not the one for me.
For when I opened the scripture,
And read a proverb,
I heard my Abba Daddy speak,
“My love, it’s a no-brainer.
I just want you to believe?”

Then I see
Another memory of a thing in the past
When I thought of a love that would last
With him—
The greatest romance I have yet seen
But God blocked the way and said,
“Stop making him the one,
For he’s not your prince charming.”

Then there was this guy
Who just looked me in the eye
One magical night
And it felt like I was called by the angels above
As they sang beautiful songs of love,
But then it took time for me to hear that God has been telling me
To “stop holding on to make-believes,
For he is not the one you need.”

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And then again, I asked my Daddy in Heaven,
“Dad, does he really exist?”
He didn’t answer directly,
Instead, He told me,
“Patience is a virtue,
First, allow Me to renew you.”

So, He breathed in me.
And from my fantasies,
His love set me free.

It took me a while to realize
That the right man will show up at the right time…

When I am also the right woman
Who loves God unconditionally,
I trust that God, then, will allow me to see
That this man is the one for me.
For he pursues God the most,
Because he knows
Even before we meet,
Even before we start
That his purpose is to be a man after God’s own heart.

But at the end of the day, whether or not this man is real
I believe that someone’s already waiting for me
And I know Him…

More than a prince charming,
He saves my life, He keeps me whole
I can’t explain how He loves,
I just know that He is so beautiful.
He has loved me from my birth, until the inevitable.
He is my best friend and the lover of my soul.
And His name is Jesus.

And I know He is for me.❤

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