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I get up every day
Struggling from this so-called pain
Trying to get me back on track
From all the noises inside my head
that keeps on repeating like a broken record.

I’ve battled so hard and bruised myself
those scars lived within me.
Some are healed and some are unhealed.
I still have wounds that hurt like fresh deep cuts.

I’ve regretted the time I’ve protected people.
Who will just only taint my name and
damage my reputation.
Where I was in my deepest and vulnerable position.
Some may used my strength and weakness against me,
In a fabricated stage and tilted supporting lies.
I was defenseless in silence I can’t utter such a word.
My throat was dry and every night I always cry.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I used to believe how they describe me.
I have to admit it affected me personally.
Now I am gaining back my energy,
I know that I should not be defined by those prejudices and false assumptions.

As the years pass by no one ever heard a thing about me.
But I was fighting it all alone by myself.
I may have the opportunity to take revenge but I never and ever do that.
Don’t ever fight back says my soul in me.

Now that I’ve awakened from reality.
A lesson to be learned.
But thankful for all the hurt.
I want to be free again and will not care anymore.
I want to be happy and enjoy my life here on Earth.

I will now let go of those bad memories and experiences

but it teaches me somehow to be independently strong.

I’m going back to MY SELF again

To focus and practice that self-love I never give to myself

Ever since I compromised my sanity in behalf of others.

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