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What’s this kind of game,
You want me to play?
What are the set of rules,
You need me to obey?

‘Coz the more you give,
the more you lose.
‘Coz the more you care,
the more you failed

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

‘Coz the more you love,
the more you hurt.
‘Coz the more you stick
the more in pain.

Wtf! This is absolutely insane!
I cannot win this game!
This must be fucking crazy!
I don’t know what to say!

What is wrong about this game?
The traitor is being praised
The faithful is being punished
What the heck is this kind of game?

Heart, hurt, heartache.

Where is my space?
I cannot move.
Where is my air?
I cannot breath.

No time for me
Like a minute in a day
No freedom of thoughts
Nor freedom to be happy

I want to remain in a cage
But I need you to love me
Without a grip in your hand
My life would be normal

If you don’t know how to make me stay
It’s better to let and set me free
If you don’t feel the love and my care
Break my heart and let me fly away

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