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Hello there, buddy.

How have you been? It’s been a month or so since we last crept onto each other’s skin and I almost moved on from the feeling you give me whenever I rode on top of you. The high I can never get enough of.

I could honestly say that I’m done messing around with you. I’m done playing fires with you. But whenever you’re around, I just can’t keep myself from wanting you more.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I miss your soft lips. I miss your skinny arms. I miss you whenever you’re in my mouth. I miss how you react each time I suck you in. I miss how you say you don’t want to fuck with me anymore yet you can’t keep your hands from exploring my body. I miss fucking you. I fucking miss you. 

And for the nth time, off we go again. Way more intense this time. More passionate. More erotic.

Yes, I can’t stop thinking about you. But this has got to stop. I’m not sure how but I’m decided to end this. This isn’t gonna end well. It’s either we fall for each or we lose each other. In all honesty, I can’t afford losing my bestfriend. I can’t afford losing you.

I am so messed up right now and can’t even think straight. It’s 3 in the morning yet here I am writing about us. In a few minutes from now, I’ll be dozing off to Dreamland where you and I can be with each other – no hindrances, no problems, just you and me. But for now, I’ll sit down, stare at your photos and remember how you make me feel.

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