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How can someone just abruptly stopped talking to you? Like hey bro, you’ve been part of my day for the past x month then you’ll just suddenly stop like we did not exchange good mornings until goodnights consistently. We’re very excited to share what happened to our days at night. And anytime that theres a funny or memorable thing that we experienced or encountered, we will message each other right away cos we don’t wanna miss the chance that we make each other laugh and smile in the middle of a stressing day. How’d you know that I had a bad day and suddenly invited me on an unli buffet dinner and immediately swiped all my stress away with your eyes and smiles? On some of our free times,  we had drinks. I don’t know why but even I already had alot of shots I stayed in my senses cos I dont want to miss any chances that i’ll be talking to you. I just want to be with you. You held my hand and caressed my hair. I dont want the night to end. You said the beer didnt get into you but I did. I’ve been wanting to talk about us, but theres no such thing as US and you also didnt ask. I taught myself of being casual but damn self is stupid to fall in love. You greeted good morning last day then next thing I know you’re slipping out my life, no Hi no hello no good morning and good night. No random memes being sent just to make me smile. You become part of my day, oh actually you made my days but maybe Im just a past time. Its hard to resist the force of habit to ask how are you but I need to. Its not that I don’t love you but it just came to my senses that I thought you are the love of my life that I earned but it turned out, you are a lesson learned.

Mashang xx

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