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I recently watched the live band session of The Juans on the song entitled Dulo, and it was really an eye opener. It made me realize that love really has some multiple colors to it, so many genres, so many point of views na lahat may point. I often define leaving as something that is negative, well truthfully, negative naman nga sya, but let us make a point that in a story, there are always two sides of the coin. Sabi nga sa spiels ng the Juans, hindi lahat ng bumibitaw, gustong mang iwan sa ere, and at some point it’s true, it takes a lot of bravery to admit that some relationships are not worth fighting for. Siguro along the way, nagkaiba kayo ng path na gustong marating, and both of you became so lost that, that specific relationship is now beyong repair. So as we over in this journey called love, hard it may seem, pero let us be more empathic and compassionate, mahirap pero bumitaw sana tayo sa lubid na nakakasakit, so that through giving up, maybe just maybe, we can heal and start all over again. At sana sa susunod na journey natin, ang Dulo na makikita natin ay ang dulo ng walang hanggan, kasama ang taong nakalaan para sa atin. Wherein the love that you give is reciprocated in a way you deserve it. Fighting everyone! Mahanap sana natin ang Dulo na masaya, at pinaparamdam na tayo ay mahalaga. Where leaving is never a choice.

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