How to cope up with stress in College?


Stress is a mental tension and worry caused by problems in our life. Sometimes, when we experienced this kind of phenomenon, we tend to give up and lose hope on the things we want to achieve. Especially in entering college, the transition of basic to a higher level of education. It is like battle in a war ground without any riffle at your hand. If you will give up, you’ll lose because college is a matter of surviving. Personally, as of now I have a failing grade in Calculus this midterm. I experienced to get 0 in three consecutive quizzes, even though I review during vacant hours and have a study time. I’ve also solving some practice problems and watch some video tutorials in youtube it is not enough to pass. And it makes me stress because if I didn’t pass this subject, I can’t get the 2 subjects for the second semester and that would be add up an another year to my 4 year course in Engineering and I will be delayed. Yes, we have our own problems, trials and afflictions that causes stresses in our life, but the only way to overcome those things is on how we deal with it. That’s why I’m here to give you some tips of how to cope up with stress in College.

Stress in College are just normal to a student who take up of any degree. Anyone can be a victim of this mental tension, but before the things getting worse and come up to end up your life because of it, you must have to analyze first what makes you stress. It is because of the pressure from your family and friends? Is it the frustration when you didn’t meet the expectation from them? Or are you afraid of having a failing grades and retake the subject?

After analyzing or thinking what makes you stress in college, next is ask yourself “What should I do?” Those are some reasons that makes you stress but, we should need to understand that we need to move forward. Yes, we might experience sadness, frustration and it is normal, but experience it in a long period of time is not.

You are just drowning yourself in a negativity thoughts without thinking of how to save yourself from it. Through asking yourself “What should I do?” to cope up with stress it can help you to move forward, refresh your mind and take a lead to achieve your goal.

Next is acceptance, you need to accept the fact that the things that happen right now has a purpose. You can use it as a reference but not as a stumbling block. Let those stress that you experience makes you a better person than before because it gives you a lesson that can help you in the future.

And lastly, don’t forget to ask help from the Almighty God. Luke 1:37 “For with god nothing shall be impossible.” It might be impossible for us to do things because we know our capacity but for Him, He can make all things possible even we think it is impossible. You must achieve for the best, and the best choice creates a good product, and that would be possible if you will be stress today, move forward and achieve tomorrow.