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How to unload my feelings that I have carried for you although you don’t really deserve it?
How can I stop showing so much care for you when you don’t do the same?
How can I just walk away so easy when you push me to go away even though I still stood at you because I loved you?
How can I just forget you when you turned away and never looked back at me?
How can I stop looking back at you even though its breaking me while the tears roll out my face?
How can we I just sleep in peace at night, even though the pain slowly consumes me?
How can I start our day everyday without reminiscing those days you used to greet me and remind me how much you love and how much I meant to you?
How can I just go on like nothing happened even though it’s still bleeding me inside?
How can I fix myself without relying from people who can help me get through with this yearning?
How can I, can build walls without closing my heart out to those who deserves it?
How can we can I avoid you even though it’s breaking my heart to see myself wanting you back?
But no thanks, I will learn to go on even though it’s aching me to do the progress of moving on and healing
It may not be now.
Not tomorrow
Not the next week
Not next month
Not next year
But maybe someday
I will learn to be happy on my own
Till I will meet the person who can show and prove me his purest intention
Someday I will learn to enslave you

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