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She killed your smile.
She put off your glow.
She removed your humor.
She silenced your laughter.
She dimmed your bright eyes.
She cut your tongue that spread joy.
She took away your hands that gave warm touches.
She destroyed your feet that might go miles.
She peeled off your skin that felt everything.

She. Killed. You.

And do you know what’s painful?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

She’s you.

Yes, you.

You are the catalyst to your own death.

It was you who took your own happiness.
It was you who contained yourself in the dark.

It was you.
Not anybody else.

You are your own murderer.

And you are the only one who can bring yourself back to life.

Remember your worth.
Remember your old self.

Feel that heart beat… again.

Allow your heart to beat. Allow yourself to live.

Your heart may be broken now, but as long as it beats, you are going to be okay.

As long as it beats, you are alive.

As long as it beats, you are blessed.

And knowing that you are blessed is more than enough.

Let God help you heal.

Let God give you life again.

Let God.

love, s.

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