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True love waits. I have attended a talk before when I was in college about the aforementioned topic and its importance just dawned on me recently. It may sound cliché but true love does wait and it is not something we can manipulate nor force nor rush. It is a beautiful love story personally written by God and will be revealed in His perfect time. But how do we know that it is the perfect time or it is the right person? You will know if it’s true love when there is no confusion, no doubts, no questions. It would just be flawless. If the other person is sending you mixed signals, then you are already being warned. Call it red flag or a friendly reminder that it is not the true love that you deserve. Another sign is when he is not sure of you, more so if he is not pursuing you because a real man, not a boy, would clear his intentions up and won’t make you guess of his real feelings. It must be explicit from the very beginning and definitely won’t leave you hanging.

I can also reckon a lesson from that talk that we should marry our bestfriend. Not literally marrying the guy you are closest to right now but the message is clear. Establish friendship at the onset. In this way, you will be able to know the person’s likes and dislikes, interests, and so as flaws without wearing a mask or making pretense. One’s true colors are revealed during marriage, one mother told me. Meaning, his bad side won’t be purposely revealed during courtship. Guys, if you want to pursue a girl, establish a genuine friendship first. It won’t matter if you will not end up with each other but at the very least, you have a foundation, and that is your friendship. You will still end up being friends, anyway.

As a millennial, we are prone into instant getaways, instant jobs that would suit our needs, as if everything can be obtained without much toil and effort and I hope that it is not true with relationship. There is no such thing as instant relationship. A hard-earned degree is as sweet as having the love of your life that is not temporal but long term. Long term in a way that it has eyes on the prize – marriage. Both requires time, effort and dedication. While waiting, improve yourself! Be the kind of person you are praying your husband to be. Be the Ms. Right first and run your race. The right person will keep up.

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Lastly, do not be swayed by the world’s view of love. Hold on to your belief, you’ll never go wrong. You are His most precious daughter, His beloved princess, made in His own image and likeness. He is mindful of you and His best plan is to make you the happiest. So be wary of the red flags. Know your worth, don’t settle for any less than His great purpose. You matter to Him and the way He sees you must be the way the other person sees you. That is why, the greatest love we can possibly feel is the love of Christ. Unconditional. Limitless. Sacrificial. The epitome of true love. If that love resembles that of Christ, then and only then it is called True Love.❤

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