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In this season of singlehood, our hearts are easily hooked with what the world offers, attracting us into distractions— away from what God wants for us. Solomon, with all of his past experiences and wisdom, reminded us “not to arouse or awaken love until it so desires” (Songs 2:7, 3:5, 8:4). He even elaborated that love is as strong as death if you cannot control it. It can kill you within because the heart is deceitful above all. He also knew that if we do not find satisfaction in God, we will look for love and acceptance in people, a recipe for trouble.

No one must capture our hearts before it got captured by God, the only One whose love can fill our deepest longings and desires. Solomon wrote it three times because our affection for God can be easily vanished when our emotion for someone dominated our love for Him. He knew that the battle in our hearts to keep our love for God greater than our love for someone else is an unending battle.

Beautiful People

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It’s not unusual that we meet beautiful people daily because He created us fearfully and wonderfully. All creatures and things in the Universe is majestically and perfectly created by God. He designed people each with own uniqueness complete with feelings and emotions. So, getting attracted to someone is normal. It’s okay! It’s a beautiful thing. But if our feelings overtake our devotion and love for God, that would be dangerous. Instead of focusing our attention to the splendor of His being, we choose to focus on His creations. A lot of promising Christians fall into this trap and leave the church, only to end up in a bad relationship. Worst, some results to early pregnancy and later on abandoned by their boyfriends. It is not because God failed to give the love that they need but they exchanged their commitment to Him for their subject of affection.

God is Enough

Solomon’s reminder not to arouse or awaken our love does not suggest that we should suppress or set aside our emotions. No. It only means that our feelings, desires, and longings for someone should be surrendered at the feet of Christ. Not on our own. So if you have a desire for a relationship, let that love develop naturally and maturely in its own time.

In this season of waiting for the right time and the right person, let us be more secured in God’s love and be trained ourselves to be the right one for someone. If our security is not in Christ, we will end up seeking people’s approval that will lead to feeling unaccepted and abandoned when rejection comes.

My prayer is that when the right time comes that our hearts are ready to be aroused and awakened in love, we are fully convinced that God is enough for us and we’re already totally consumed by His love, security, and beauty. That a love will be borne deep within us; a love that is excited, satisfied, and in awe to the One who engineered and built it all— our GOD.

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