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Hello there my dear.. 

 How are you today? I missed you already, Nah, that was such an understatement for how I really felt since you left. 

 I’ve been crying for so many nights that I already reached the point where tears are no longer enough to express how sad I was. 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

 I can no longer remember the day when I was able to get some sleep.

but I am trying my best, still trying to make some progress by going on places I never knew existed, trying things I never thought I can handle and knowing new people I never expected to get along with.

 I will forever be grateful for the things that loving you have taught me, like how to be patient and how to love unconditionally.

You being in my life has given me the idea of how it is to be the bigger person and I thank you for that. 

Maybe that is why moving on from you is impossible, you are too amazing to be forgotten, experiencing life with you is too wonderful to be bitter about and loving you felt so right for me to ever regret doing so. 

I may not be the one that you need, I may not be that girl who you can call your home but trust me when I say that for you I am always in all ways will be patient. So I left right away when you asked me too, That is why today is the day I decided that I am not moving on from you, but instead I am moving forward.

As I take my first step to moving ahead, what I will bring with me are the memories you have left, all the good and the bad, those that we’re happy and sad, for I know I won’t be able to move on from you ever, So forward will I go with my life, only now I have already accepted the fact that my journey will no longer include you and knowing I will never again have you, I will just bring with me all the memories and lesson of which I have learned from loving you.

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