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We all wanted to be loved and love someone.

So we tried looking in various places, browsing on different dating sites. And end up envying people who already found one.

Nakakapagod diba? Yung alam mo naman na maganda ka, mabait ka, and deserving ka pero until now wala pa rin. Didn’t we all imagine ourselves marrying in 25 years old and having a happy life with someone? Pero, here we are aging to our 30s not knowing when he will come.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Yes, we tried to date different guys but none of them match our expectations and so-called “deal breakers”. Because we are in a generation of not settling for less, where we wanted to work the relationship till marriage, not just a fling or para lang may makachat, we all wanted something deep.

Hindi sa ayaw natin sa kanila, it’s the emotional investment we wanted to protect. Because if the person is not investing the same amount of love/care then it’s a no for me, remember “it takes two to Tango”.

And as I explored, I found that maturity really matters.

People, I believe merong deep guy and deep girl, so, go for that person. And when you found that person embrace him/her and give thanks for coming into your life.










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