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I had this nightmare I can’t escape.
I’d thought of dying but you gave me faith.
You were there for me through ups and downs,
But I’ve never noticed that until …

When I’m sad, crying or happy; you’re there.
You’re one of my bestest friend ever.
We value our friendship more than anything,
The hugs and sweet messages are normal until …

Since I’ve been with the wrong person before,
I can’t afford to lose you now.
And now that we’re digging it deeper, fixing each other,
Where everything’s doing well until …

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Until the day you told me we’re in the same,
In the same feelings, place and you’d stay.
You’d stay not just because of friendship,
You’d stay because of me.

Until the day we realize many things,
Many things that lead us the way.
The way we became more in love,
The way how we fixed our hearts.

Until the day we can’t imagine,
We can’t imagine we’re hand in hand.
The day you said you love me,
The day I said I love you too.

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