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We are together for long years, we had challenges that we’ve faced.

But our friendship and love grow deeper enormously.

And as we go on, we forgot the time, we already had goodbyes.

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Goodbyes that made our hearts cry.

We endured everything, we avoid each other to pretend that we’re okay.

But amidst everything, we yearned for each other ‘coz we don’t want to lose the foundation we’ve made.

True love waits and lives for the right period.

Even the darkest of times that carries aches to our senses.

We cannot afford to abandon the love.

But rather, we became a better person.

We cannot foresee what future will tell us, nevertheless,

I hope that we will stay the way we are right now, steadfast and continue to be with each other.

I cannot see myself away from you, I will truly be sad being you are the one I truly love.

I don’t want to think that we will soon be just a memory and will stay only in our hearts and mind.

But as much as possible, I wanted to be with you all my life,

to talk with you and see myself next to you always, to grow old with you.

To hug and kiss you.




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