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It Was Not You

By Elvira Mendoza


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It was not you that I want

But you are all that I need.              

It was not you the first to catch my eyes

But every time you are around you just make my heart beats that fast.

It was not you the face that I used to stare in a magazine

But you are the living art that has a soul, breathing, that when those two eyes

look at me, my cheeks blush and my knees melt. 

It was not you that I thought to make my life perfect

But you are the missing piece that makes my world complete.

It was not you that send me flowers on Valentine’s day

But you bring colors to my day when it’s dull and gray.

It was not you that I am looking for

But you came when I least expected

When my heart so breaking and no idea how to mend

I was in pain and impatient to be healed

You were not the doctor that prescribes medicine

But you are the pill that took away all those that aches.

You are the clarity when everyone just gives me confusion

You pursued when all else hold back, because you see me through

That there is a woman behind those cute dress and childish irrational tantrums,

you never judge me,

Hence, you bring out the best in me.

It was not you that I dream of

But you are the reality of my forever.

It was not you that I wished upon a star

But you are my answered prayer from heaven.


It was not you at all, but  you are the one for me. 


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