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by Rufeels

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Why do lovers fall in love and end up crying?
Heres why!

We often think that love is just a spark or a connection with your special someone. That if you lose it… you lose it… and there’s nothing left to do but to leave and move on with each other’s lives
when that thing is gone.


While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Yes! Romantic Relationship is a connection between two different personalities that happen to like each other and undoubtedly chemistry & compatibility is there. BUT, it doesn’t end there. It is the first stage of young romantic love and the next stage is critical.

Re-evaluate your current relationship and identify what stage are you in right now.


In this stage, love is magical, obsessive, and extremely exhilarating. If you have it, you have it; if you don’t you don’t and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sa stage na ito, your view of your partner is close to perfect. Like
rainbow ang lumalabas pag nagpu-poops siya and all his/her flaws are non-existent.

Your friends are telling you his/her flaws but you can’t see it.

You want to spend the whole day talking to him/her over the phone or in person, you miss him/her 1 hour after niyang mag goodbye sayo, like you can’t be totally fine if she/he is not around or your day is not complete without hearing his/her voice.

“One doesn’t work to fall in love. It just happens.”

In this stage of romantic relationship, we have this thing called “kilig”

There is something about that person (initially) that makes you go loco. The way they talk, the way they act, the way they carry their
themselves gives you this thing called “kilig”

Kilig creates this wanting feeling to go out with that person regardless of the place. Mapa-isawan, barbeque-han, hamburgeran or fishball-an man yan… it really doesn’t matter as long as you can see that person.

But sometimes we lose this “kilig” when he/she did SOMETHING OFF. Something na nakaka-turn off and something we can’t tolerate.But for others, it get’s stronger and stronger to the point na tumatalon na yung hormones mo and you really want to spend the rest of your life with that person! Crazy!

The emotional obsession rockets high until you are really sure na siya na ang “D’ ONE”


So you’ve been together for a year or more now. So what’s next for the lovebirds like you?

Kilig is slowly fading, efforts deteriorating and late night calls are gone. This is the time for CHERISH AND NOURISH.

Cherish. Cherish means to grow in maturity. Cherish means to protect.

Both of you should grow together and protect each other from external factors that may affect your relationship. To grow in maturity means to accept the fact that flaws may surface as the relationship ages. It is inevitable (di maiiwasan). Learn each other’s weaknesses and help them in that area and vice versa. Most importantly… celebrate their strengths. You as a partner should be his/her no.1 fan.

“Never correct your partner in public. Talk to them in private and in a loving manner”

Protect you and him/her. Protect yourselves from people who might steal your attention away from your partner. Protect your foolish heart. Don’t even entertain the thought of spending private or secret time with these ninjas and hokagirls. Most importantly, protect your partner from yourself. Sometimes, things go out of hand and cause you stress. Wag ibunton sa partner ang potential bad day. This is your battle, not your partner’s. You may share it with him/her, talk about it and thank your partner for hearing you out.

Nourish. Nourish means to provide.

Help your partner to become the person that they ought to be mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally. This will encourage him/her to do the same thing for you.

Covenant love is conscious love. It is intentional love. It is a commitment to love no matter what. Dapat may effort and practical/doable actions. Hindi porket hindi mo feel eh hindi na gagawin.

Covenant love can sustain a relationship through the years.

Beauty and physique will change for the both of you…
but commitment will make “kilig” as if you are in the first stage of romantic love.

Don’t rush in love if you are not that sure and don’t waste other people’s
time just because of “napatalon nila ang hormones mo”.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship right now…
Wag sukuan ang kaya pang ipaglaban.
Communicate before you Migrate.


excerpts from
The Key to relationship | 5 love languages for singles
-Gary Chapman

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