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Men are humans. They get hurt. They need care. They need understanding. And they are fragile. they seem strong, (well, yes they are) but still they have their weaknesses. They need someone who will be there to support them, that’s why Eve was also given to Adam as a partner. Yes. Partner! I’ll say it again. Partner. Meaning, someone who will be there to support him, encourage him, push him to be better and someone who can simply stay by his side no matter what happens. Someone who will always believe in him that he is someone special and that he can absolutely do great things. Someone who will appreciate him in every simple thing he does, someone who can laugh with him, and someone who can be they’re number one fan in believing that they can achieve their hopes and dreams. Yes, men are strong, but they need a woman like you.

You are a woman. You need love. You need care. You need someone who will show you that you are the most beautiful person in their lives. That’s true. But you must also know, that you are a woman who is strong and capable to be a ‘real partner’ to any man you choose. Women, we are no longer girls who constantly ask for attention and always be the one demanding a guy to adjust in our ego. We are all humans. We enter a relationship with the thought that we must all adjust for the sake of our partnership with them. We must all remind ourselves that men still have their own lives (unless they are married, haha) and that commitment isn’t about holding their necks but giving them the freedom and trust that they can make good decisions on their own even though we are not around. And if not, let them go, cause a man who truly loves will never let you feel betrayed for the love and trust you gave them. And lastly, show respect. I tell you, it’s a boomerang.

And to be fair….
Women, do not worry and be afraid to give love. That’s who you are. That’s your nature. You are naturally sweet and caring. You are also lovable and special. You can be fragile at times yet your experiences and loving nature make you stronger. You are awesome. You are who you are. You are beautiful and you are loved by the greatest man of all, JESUS, your greatest lover and the author of love. I tell you, we can only succeed in all these things if we are filled with His presence. So be in love with God first and He will lead you right to the one who will share the same love you have for Christ. I promise you, you will never regret it. God bless you, women of God!

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PS. this is more likely for committed women already, hehe, or to everyone who’s wanting to have a partner soon. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. but maybe, just maybe, it can help you have a healthier relationship with your man.

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