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I don’t want a guy

Who will just bring my stomach  some butterflies

Who will just give sweet messages

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And bring my bones some chills


I don’t want a guy

Who is just so good at smiling

Where I shivers in a very good way

Who will only surprise me with flowers

Chocolates, balloons, and ribbons

On some random days


I don’t want a guy

Who will only shout to the world how much he loves me

Who will only spoil me with all the material things

Making my heart flutters literally


I don’t want a guy

Who is just so good at proclaiming his love for me

But fails to love my God


I want a man instead

A man who would help me feed my spirit with Word of God

Who will read and study bible verses with me

Who will surprise me with wisdom and revelation he gets from the Lord


I want a man to whom my soul will spark

Who will shout the Name of Jesus to the whole world

Who proclaims his love for God more than ever

Who saves up treasures in heaven

And he whom God have blessed with a heart to bless


Who will lift his hands to bring praises to God

And will hold my hand for the rest of my life

I want this man, to whom my Lord will command my heart to beat for

I pray for that man

A man after God’s own heart

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