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I show care genuinely to model you how to value me because I feel hardly unnoticed. Moment by moment I provide you assurance since I know the feeling of insignificance. Yet, you see it on the other way. You thought I am playing around and you’re one of it. If you only knew I seek validation because I am consumed of life responsibility where I consider you as my safe place. But on what manner you hit my sanity in the hardest way. How can you allow to cut me off in a simple way when I am hardly proving my self worth to you.Cancel culture has almost driven me to the brink of losing my sanity. You think it is beneficial for me so that I wont overthink but actually it adds the toxicity.One day, I realized that your family started blocking me on social media, and even you, yourself, put restrictions on me. All of this overwhelmed me which cause mental breakdown.

It’s crucial to focus on self-love and acceptance when I am being hunted of your family’s cancel culture. Do I really deserve this? Should I embrace the disconnection in the hardest way? Am I invalidated? Is my existence a burden that I experience all these depressing chapter?

Perhaps you and your family dislike me because I live a fast-paced life, where peace and serenity are short-lived. They thought I inherit the extreme traits of my mother. Maybe that’s the reason I am anxious, stressed and dissapointed because the pressure is on me. Should I thank you for giving me a bigger stone to punch on my head? I didn’t push you to ride on my life’s journey. I even offer myself as a help to your endeavor someday but look what you have done. I am not yet done fixing my own world yet you left me hanging. You just simply raise your hand with a gesture showing, “You’re not worth the risk, I should just leave”. Which shows that you didn’t value my worth and leave me struggling with the toxicity of cancel culture.

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