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Past few months, I’ve been searching and searching for love. Like who doesn’t?

First I tried using Omegle. Easy, convenient, no need to create an account haha, you just have to talk to a complete stranger then when interests are met then maybe you can exchange social media to communicate well.

So, I met someone named J (hiding his identity), who treated me like a star. He’s sweet, he even phone called me the next day we talked in Omegle. But a walking red flag, he will lure you with flowery words, promising and giving you hopes and leaving you hanging.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Meaning he ghosted me.

Next, we have C (again hiding his identity). I met him sa G Side. He’s nice and gwapo, he even gave me his social media and girl, he’s perfect! A dream of every girl, mayaman, matangkad, and mabango!

But didn’t last, because I stopped messaging him(Wow, kapal haha). Don’t get me wrong, but girls have an instinct that we know if the person is interested or just want to bang you, right? And I realized, I met him at the club so definitely marami na siyang nakilala that might suitable for him.

So, my insecurities slap me.

Last we have, Dan (His screen name on Tinder is Adam, so I created Dan in short of Adan) Yes, I met him on Tinder. With the ongoing talks about Spiderman: No Way Home, I really wanted to watch it agad agad, can be alone or with family or friends but I messaged him because of his bio; LF kasama manood ng spiderman. Things are met halfway days before we watched spiderman and then we met.

He’s pretty cool and all good. Except for the line we both cannot cross. I do want to keep on dating him, but I just can’t because I know it won’t last, so why waste each other time and emotions.

And found myself crying, am I pathetic just trying to look for love?

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