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You are a nice Christian guy.

I am watching you from a distance and I know how you love the Lord with all your heart. That makes me smile whenever I think of you.

Whenever I see you serve in the ministry, my heart feels glad.

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You love the people around you.

Though I know you are not perfect, I know that God has a plan for you.

I am glad that you are praying for me.

I think it is a blessing.

But I cannot commit yet.

I cannot say “yes” for now.

It is not because I do not like you.

It is not because I do not see you as someone who can be my husband (because I do).

But because I still need some time to process things with God.

I want to be whole in Him so I can love you without reservation and fear.

I need God to confirm to me that you are the answer to what I have been praying for.

I hope that you can wait.

I hope that when the time comes that I am already okay, you will tell me that I am really the answer to your prayer. And that you have been waiting for my heart to be ready, too.

Let’s not rush into love. If we are destined to be, then everything will be orchestrated the way it should be.

I will pray for your heart. Please pray for mine, too.

Till then, we can still treasure each other as sister and brother in the Lord.

Let’s take some more time. . . to be apart.

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