She might be hard to understand as to why she does certain things but one thing is for sure, she loves with all her heart despite excruciating pain life has given her. She still believes that great love will come in God’s perfect time. And when she thinks of great love, it’s the kind of love she doesn’t have to beg for, a love where she’s not ignored, a love that won’t leave her at her worst, the one that stays with and values her beyond her imperfections instead. It’s the kind of love that knows her waterloo yet would not use it against her; a love that giggles with her laughters and cries with her tears; a love that listens to the deepest of her thoughts and feelings; a love that speaks with her loudness and hears her silence; a love that wants to live with her in the future and a love that knows no distance; a love that makes her feel that she is not alone battling for what should be fought for; a love that rejoices her victory and laments her failure. It’s the love she has been dreaming of. And this is the kind of love she deserves to receive because it’s exactly the same love she willingly gives.