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I know a love that does not seek to receive
For its only concern is what it can give
I know a love that has no need nor desire
For out of a sudden it began to transpire

I know a love that mends the heart
For it gives someone the hope of a new start
I know a love that shines like the sun
For it brings you happiness that would never be gone

I know a love that is beautiful as the moon
For by the sight of the beloved you begin to swoon
I know a love that glimmers like the stars
For it’s breathtaking just like gazing at venus and mars

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I know a love that has no end
For all these things it will transcend
I know a love that chooses to sacrifice
For even after giving everything it feels this would not suffice

I know a love that sings about you and me
A song of endearment that you and I are meant to be
I know a love like this a love that is true
A love you defined for me the day I fell for you

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